EPFL Master Thesis and Project. In colaboration with virginie reussner

Neuchâtel Interface

Requalifying the Park “Les Jeunes Rives”

The park is an interface in between the city and the lake : a space dedicated to the exchanges between those to environments. The parks spreads on one of the latest embankments on the lake, built in the early 1960’s. This area is part of a wide scale system, thanks to the walkpath around the full lake, that ramifies through the park.

The projects establishes a vast grass and meadow area tensioned by the dialogue of two built volumes. The relation between the park and the two objects are modulated with some trees planted around them. The objects are built on different floor coverings or textures, announcing the recreational purposes of the site.

Like the roads of Neuchâtel, that doesn’t lead to a particular building, the sequence path-texture-object is non directional. The two built objects : a pavilion and a pier, offer minimal function for a leisure area : a cafeteria in the pavilion and a some dressing rooms under the pier. The pavilion is made of larch timber, bent into beams laying one on top of the other. The pier is mad of azobe timber. Thanks to their specific material and their position in the park, the built objects will evolve regarding the natural surrounding environment. The seasons changes, the water fluctuation and the usage will reveal the nature and the poetry of the pavilion and the pier.

Experts : Prof. Yves Weinand – Prof. Bruno Marchand – Dr. Hani Buri – Julien Descombes

Model views :

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architecture – park – wood – pavilion – lake – neuchatel – master – thesis – EPFL