Hall of Frames

A Party House in Vidy, Lausanne

Timber Construction semester project, Prof. Yves Weinand, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

Selected for the BestOf architecture 2010 (EPFL)

image - face du lac maquette


The site is located in between the city of Lausanne and the lake of Geneva, in the park of Vidy. The terrain is an embankment, built for the National Exposition in 1964. Since its creation, the site has been populated with various public building : a swimming pool with access to the lake, a theater, a mini golf court, and some sport fields, such as tennis courts. .All these buildings, facing the lake, are objects arranged in a park. The park is the texture unifying the site. The new building is a party hall. It responds to the territorial scale making a transition movement from the city to the lake. The new object is aligned to Max Bill’s theater, to mark a  part of the park between the buildings and the beach.


The party hall is characterized  mainly by its two ends : a windows towards the city and a panorama on the lake. The morphological transition from one end to the other, is defined by a homothetic transformation of an exponential factor, defining the general shape of the building. The so created hall is built on a thickness varying floor, containing the necessary services. The action of the deformation of the external shell and the variation of height of the floor produce a programmatic path, highlighting different views on the landscape.


The main structure of the building is its skin. The skin is made of 26 free-standing and covering frames. The frames are formed by a 90° fold, giving them their standing strength. They are spaced of 2.48m. The frames let natural light enter the hall, as do sheds, but on al the surface of the building skin. The frames are made of a sandwich of wooden panels, interior beams and insulation. On the outside, the structure is covered with zinc sheets, to preserved the wooden structure from climatic variations. On the inside, the wooden structure is visible.

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