La Marelle

Competition entry for a Medical Housing Center in Yverdon les Bains, work for Lemanarc Lausanne.


The new house for the elderly people is a big house in a park. This park stands as a front yard between the big house and the neighborhood. It’s a calm and  comfortable place and the informal area where exchanges and synergies with the neighborhood’s inhabitants.

In addition of being a leisure space, the park is an outdoor therapy spot, with direct access from the medical house’s common spaces. The free or looping paths are equiped with handrails and are punctuated with benches. The center of the big house lays a patio, arranged in a japanese garden, which extends the idea of the park inside the building.

The main entrance of the elderly’s house is preceded by a small plaza promoting the reception and the opening of the big house to the visitors.


The new medical house center it’s distribution around the patio. This garden event eases the orientation in the building as well as it bring natural light inside the distribution of the building. Around the patio, the staircases are found, open to natural light and different from one another, wich also makes easier the orientation in the building. The staircases are open to the main distribution but can also be closed in case a more controled and secure area is needed for the most disorientated residents.

The ground floor accommodates the major common spaces, widely opened to the the surrounding park.  The care units are distributed on the three floors above.

The collective and semi-collective spaces are designed as extensions of the corridors, opened to natural light. This allows them to be easily identifiable, while ensuring a smooth transition between the rooms and public space.

The Rooms

The rooms are designed to be easy to appropriate by the resident. The wooden floor ensure the comfort of the home, and the walls are meant to hang personal pictures and paintings, or to be painted according to the resident’s will.

The windows of the rooms are generous, thus to offer a wide view to the exterior and to ensure the quality of the natural light. Two rooms per care unit can be associated, offering the couples a suite they can share. The proportions of the room guarantee many furnishing possibilities.


The new house for the elerly respect the most strict ecological standards. The roof is therefor large enough to collect and recycle the rain and water the park and the patio.

Download competition entry poster (13.4MB)

architecture – competition – medical housing – concrete – yverdon – switzerland