Steel Magnolia

Competition entry by CinQ Architects : didier callot – mehdi rouissi – leonhard kanapin – svend reymond – arnaud bovet

The project aims to create an expressive building at the entry of the town of Vevey. The mass of the building emerges through a reflection about the site and the function – a kindergarten and offices.


The building orients the flow of people to the Général Guisant avenue, continuing the logical of a commercial ground floor. this leads to a small plaza in front of the Nestlé building, by Jean Tschumi.

The entrances to the building are located apart of the main flows, on the Savoie street. This allows a drop off parking for the kindergarten and the entrance to the parking lot for the offices.

The kindergarten takes place on the ground and first floors. This give to opportunity for a big outdoor area on the first floor for the children to play. This place is great for the kids as they are away of the road but still in a distance where they can interact with the pedestrians. The two main areas of the kindergarten – small and bigger children – is divided by a  multipurpose space, located in a generous slope where could by a library, a small theater. Of course, it’s also the best place to fit a slide.

The office spaces are organised around a service and vertical distribution core. The structure of the building is made by the concrete core and the outer façade grid. The core is made to allow the division of the office space from one to four parts.

On top of the building, a restaurant holds places with a terrace overviewing the lake and the riviera.

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architecture – competition – grid – vevey – switzerland – office – kindergarten – school