Chill Out

Competition entry for a Gift shop and Cafeteria Pavilion in Chillon, work for Lemanarc Lausanne.


The Walkway next to the Castle of Chillon proposes an alternating sequence of open spaces. Among the walk, the amazing view of the the Castle on the Lake of Geneva, the Montreux Riviera and the Alps is offered to the visitor.


Coming from the East of the Castle, the walkway is divided in two segments by a row of magnificent trees. The first segment is quite small an makes it’s way along the lake, while the second one is larger and apart from the water. The promenade is ┬ácomplemented of benches along the trees. Viewing the lake, the benches invite the walker to comtemplate the landscape.

South Garden

The south garden lays right before the castle’s entrance. This garden is the natural extension of the small segment following the lake’s direct border. The new Pavilion, is set in the south garden and takes part to the waterfront walkway to become part of it’s topography. It’s roof continues the pedestrian path by folding itself . The roof becomes then a belvedere terrace offering a dramatic view to the castle.

Following the image of the wooden drawbridges of the entrance of the castle, the pavilion has a wooden structure and is covered by deck of local wood.

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architecture – competition – pavilion – wood – cafeteria – bar – chillon – montreux – lake – switzerland – garden